Company History

Company History

MediaSa Yayıncılık A.Ş. (MediaSa Publishing Corp.) was founded by Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan in 2006. MediaSa started its broadcast life in 2006, by obtaining Fashion TV's rights of broadcasting for Turkey. Fashion TV is one of the most watched thematic channels of the world. Shortly afterwards, MediaSa Publishing Corp. brought the Fashion TV Magazine, which would be the voice of the channel in printed media, into the publishing world. Fashion TV Magazine is the first quarterly fashion magazine published in Turkey. MediaSa is bringing the creations of internationally acclaimed designers and the latest trends in fashion to Turkish fashionistas with Fashion TV Magazine.

On the other hand, with the mission of providing equal opportunities in education, and social responsibility consciousness, ZTV was brought to life in 2007. ZTV is an important step in the mission of founding thematic TV channels. ZTV is the first education and youth channel of Turkey. Followed intently by the students, ZTV garnered an audience from throughout Turkey and abroad in a very short time. Millions of students preparing for tests such as SBS (Grading Examination for Secondary Education), YGS (Grading Examination for Tertiary Education), LYS (Undergraduate Placement Examination), KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Examination and endeavoring to succeed in Open Primary School/Open Highschool follow all the subjects included in MEB (National Ministry of Education) syllabus from ZTV. The channel's website ( also presents the students with the chance of watching the reruns of lessons and participating in online trial tests.

As of 2011, MediaSa started new investments. In this regard, the first project that was realized is World Travel Channel. World Travel Channel is part of the first “tourism network” in Turkey. Its commercial aspect is supported by the online presence. World Travel Channel aims to make vacations easier and more fun for millions of travellers each year. The channel will be with travellers all along, from the decision making process to the vacation itself. World Travel Channel is one of the rare e-trade cases where TV is used in conjunction with the internet.

With an outlook that values development and a structure that rapidly adapts technological developments to daily life, MediaSa reinforces the technological infrastructure of its broadcast with the latest developments in technical fields. As a principle, MediaSa configures the technical aspects of its thematic channels so as to conform to cutting-edge technology. Following the advances in the fields of digital publishing and content distribution closely, MediaSa builds the framework of its channels in a forward-compatible fashion in an effort to adapt to up-and-coming medium such as IPTV, Mobile TV, and Web TV.

MediaSa aims to serve the community by establishing thematic channels that work meticulously on their chosen subject matter and pioneering the establishment of next-generation broadcasting infrastructures in Turkey.